Archery is where your child not only participates in a sport, they will develop strong problem-solving skills, increase their concentration, build confidence and create new friendships. Under USAA guidelines with a certified instructor, participants will develop skills using the state of the art “Genesis” compound bows along with traditional recurve bows. All equipment will be provided. Archers will learn range and equipment safety rules, proper shooting form, how to score paper and 3D targets, shoot balloons and play other target games. A shooting competition will be held on the last day. Beginner and novice archers are welcome and will be introduced to the USAA National Training System. The National Training System — or NTS — was developed by KiSik Lee, who has been the U.S. Archery coach since 2006. The method is based on Lee’s analysis of body control, muscular requirements and the mental concentration needed to execute a precise shot.

The method provides steps by which the archer can work on and improve posture, grip, set-up, pull-back, anchoring, loading, aiming, release and follow-through, in addition to other steps and breathing exercises.

Dates: April 17th to April 19th
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Location: Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club, 92 Pine Street, Middleboro, MA
Fee: $90 (Non Members), $80 (Wankinquoah Members)
For: Children ages 10yrs to 13yrs. (Min. of 5 archers, Max. of 12)

To register please e-mail Dee Sacchetti at or go to her new website – – and fill out a registration form.