Frequently Asked Questions


We get a variety of questions via email and Facebook almost every day. Before asking your question, check here first… we’ve probably already answered your question!

How do I apply for membership at WRGC? Are you still accepting new members?

We are currently accepting new member applications. All of the information you need about joining WRGC is available on our website at There is a $200 nonrefundable application fee and our 2017 membership dues are $210 per year.

Is there a way for me to see the club before I apply for membership?
Yes. Our monthly Member Meetings are a good time to come to the club, take a look around, meet some members, eat some dinner, and learn more about what we’re all about. Our Member Meetings happen on the first Tuesday of every month. Dinner starts at 6:00 PM and the meeting itself begins at 7:00 PM.
When is the next New Member Screening and Orientation session?

We generally hold new member screening orientation sessions once a quarter. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for upcoming sessions. We will post the information in both places as well as put the information in our monthly newsletter, the Tihonet Troller.

I need to get a security access fob, gate key, membership card, or bumper sticker? How do I get one or more of these items?
We hand out access fobs ($10 fee for the fob) and membership cards at the monthly member meetings (first Tuesday of each month). Gate keys and bumper stickers are no longer needed.
What is the deadline for renewing my membership for next year?

All members in good current standing are required to pay the next year’s dues no later than October 31st each year. We will remind you of this deadline via our website, Facebook page, and the Tihonet Troller but we do not email or snail mail bills or reminders. It is your responsibility to send membership renewal payment to us on time.

What is the password for the members-only section of the WRGC website?
Send an email to and we will respond with the members-only password. When you contact us, please include your full name and membership number. We will not give the password to anyone who is not current, in a good standing member of WRGC.
Are children and teenagers welcome at WRGC?

Yes! We are all in on getting the next generation involved in hunting, fishing, conservation, and all things related to outdoor activities and range activities. We have a terrific Associates Program and we host Friday Night Junior Shoots every week at our Indoor Range.

Does WRGC offer skeet or trap shooting?


Does WRGC have an active Pistol Shooting Team?


Can you provide some information about WRGC’s pond?

The lovely pond on our property is approximately 4 to 6 feet deep. The most convenient launch point for your canoe/kayak/rowboat is the slope closest to the clubhouse. Electric trolling motors are allowed but gas engines/motors are not allowed on our pond.

Can you provide some information about your Outdoor Range?

The outdoor range is 100 yards. You are allowed to shoot from any distance (between our shooting stands and the actual range target, up to 100 yards). The only thing we ask is that if others are using/want to use the range at the same time, you stay behind the shooting stand to shoot. We are in the process of updating our outdoor range rules – they will be posted on the website when they are complete. We do not allow drawing from a holster, shooting doubles, and/or engage multiple targets.

Does WRGC offer LTC/Firearms safety classes?


How do I get on WRGC’s email distribution list for news and information?

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter and other informational emails, please click here to subscribe to our email distribution list.

How do I get my indoor range orientation?

Indoor Range Orientation classes are usually scheduled shortly after new members are voted in to not keep you waiting.  They are usually about 2-3 hours.  Once you have completed the orientation class, your fob will usually be activated for range access within a few days, if not that day.  For further questions about range orientation classes, contact our CRSO Mark Milano at 774-644-6988 or the Indoor Range Committee Chairman Fred Roberson at 508-245-9367. 

Interested in Becoming a Member?

If you are interested in membership please click the link below to learn more about the club and how you can apply.

Membership Portal

Existing members: use our membership page to access range rules, club info, forms, documents, and more.