The new target placement system is in place. If a 2×3 support becomes unusable, please replace with a new one. They are in the trusses overhead and can be replaced from the BACK of each post. Because the posts were installed out of alignment the center and left lanes must be trimmed to 90″. The right lane works as it should and will accept a 96″ piece without trimming. There is also a slot below the top support to allow for an 8.5″x 11.0″ target to be secured. We did not install one, however, either the mid rail or bottom rail can be moved to that position. You will notice we have intentionally lowered the target height below the old cable. At least one rifle round made it up through the rear box header of the roof. This is not good and should not happen again. If you are sighting in a gun for the first time, please start shooting at very short range and begin adjustments before moving back. The recommendation is to start at 10 yards (or less) and work your way up from there.

A couple of other items to note about WRGC’s Outdoor Range…

Keeping the Outdoor Range clean and in good working order is EVERYONE’S responsibility. Please be sure to put your spent shells in either the trash (shotgun) or in the brass bucket (rifle). Almost every yellow bucket down range is full of spent shotgun shells which is fine for the moment but should be emptied after you are done shooting. Also, when changing out a rail, please clean up all broken lumber and place alongside the wood stove in the pavilion. There should never be loose or broken target supports or spent targets strewn around the backstop left for others to clean up. The same for the pavilion: If the barrels are full please empty them in the club dumpster.  Finally, vehicles are prohibited from the range. ONLY the directors and work crews are permitted to be driving vehicles on the range proper (when conditions are favorable). We plan to install an access lane soon, however, it will be “cabled off” and locked for limited access. Questions? Comments?

Want to help at the Outdoor Range? Contact Mac White, Outdoor Range Manager at Also, please be sure to let Mac know when the support rail stock is getting depleted so that we can restock as soon as possible.